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Bishop Douglass Catholic School

Bishop Douglass Catholic School

In Pursuit Of Excellence


A message from Madam Prina.

Exam season is fast approaching. For students, this can feel overwhelming: university places are dependent on those outstanding grades, the post-16 courses you really want to do require you to have obtained 8 excellent GCSE results, there’s a mountain of coursework to get through, mock exams at every juncture, homework that’s being piled on … The list goes on and on (and on). But have you ever stopped to think that as teachers, we wouldn’t ever expect you to achieve the impossible? If we’re throwing it at you, it’s because we believe you can cope with it. If it gets overwhelming, take a moment to go and speak to a member of staff you can trust. A problem shared is a problem halved; as adults we can teach you the coping mechanisms you will need for life. Here are some tips for getting through those pressure-points in school:

Keep your goals in sight.

Always dreamed of being a pilot/engineer/doctor/lawyer/actor? Then arm yourself with the knowledge of what grades / qualifications / training you will need to achieve this and never stop working towards it.

Look after yourself.

If you are completely exhausted, get some rest! It’s vital that students in the most pressurised times of the year eat well, get some exercise and get plenty of sleep. An early night, with all electronic appliances (which have been shown to tamper with sleep patterns!) switched off, sometimes works wonders. It’s Spring – get some fresh air and recharge your batteries.

Find a study partner.

Working with somebody on the topics and subjects you find challenging can be a fantastic way of making revision more impactful. Schedule in some evening study sessions (remember, evening study runs from Monday – Thursday until 6pm!) every week and you can find the time and space to work together. The added benefit of this is also that, once you get home, you will be free to have some leisure time!

Have something to look forward to!

GCSE and A-Level students – that long, long Summer holiday and all those lazy July and August days are your reward at the end of all this hard work. Imagine how satisfying it will feel to be able to lie about in the sunshine in the knowledge that you put all the work you could in in the months leading up to Summer? Pave the way for the best Summer ever!

Keep some perspective on things.

Exams are important but think also how lucky you are to have the opportunities you do. You are in the privileged position to have pathways you can choose, an education system that can open doors for you. Not everybody in the world is quite so fortunate. Keep a perspective on that and all will be well.