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Our Alumni

Tristan Daley, St John Evangelist Primary School

Having studied Economics, English Literature and Maths at Bishop Douglass Sixth Form, Tristan has strong aspirations of entering the financial sector as an equity trader after studying at either Warwick University.  An active member of the student leadership team, Tristan wasthe Head of Peer Mentoring for Year 10, working and mentoring male students on any issues and helping them to overcome any challenges, and supporting the achievement of their goals. In addition, Tristan spearheaded the charity campaign which saw Bishop Douglass raise the most money in school history!

“There was no doubt in mind that Bishop Douglass Sixth Form was the right choice for me. During my time at the school, I built a strong foundation for success that I wanted to continue building upon. The teachers across the school and Sixth Form truly care about every students ambitions and development and make it their mission to know every student personally to create a personalised approach to their learning. Our teachers are dedicated and committed to supporting our journey for success, and in creating a positive and nurturing learning environment”.

Nicole Gonzalez, Our Lady of Muswell Hill Primary School

For Nicole, the highlight of her time at Bishop Douglass and one of the persuasive factors in her decision to stay on at the Sixth Form, is belonging to a supportive community and establishing long lasting friendships. Crediting teachers for going the extra mile in supporting the development of her grasp of the English language and always inspiring her to pursue her ambitions, Nicole takes pride in establishing herself as Deputy Head Girl and witnessing the difference she can make to the school community.

Now reading Law at Kings College University and specialise in Family Law, Nicole praises her teachers for always having students best interests – both academic and mental health – at the forefront of all that they do.

“I was so proud to be Deputy Head Girl of Bishop Douglass. Throughout my role, I had the opportunity to develop so many new skills, including leadership, collaboration, reasoning, independent thinking, decision making and presenting – all whilst having fun such as planning prom, supporting Year 8 maths lessons and leading the lower school drama club. I knew that attending the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form would be the best next steps for me, as I wanted the same positive experience I had at the lower school, and the continuity of outstanding teaching, learning and support from teachers I had created strong relationships with”.

Toni Rose Gomez, St Marys Priory Primary School

Toni Rose joined Bishop Douglass School in Year 9 and praised the school for aiding a smooth transition and integration to secondary education, which she believed contributed to her GCSE success, and supported her decision to attend the Sixth Form. Toni Rose hopes to move into Intellectual Property and Public Law, after completing her Law degree at the University of Cambridge.

“I speak so highly of my experience at Bishop Douglass School and Sixth Form. I was Head Girl, with responsibility to be a role model, nurture and mentor younger year groups, something I could do in confidence as a result of the positive experience I had with teachers doing so with me. I wanted to be Head Girl because I wanted to give back to a community that has done so much for me, and I would tell every student, both internal and external, to join the Sixth Form. Teachers are dedicated to students wellbeing and outcomes, know every students name and learning styles and tailor teaching to best meet their needs, and the only thing that makes this is better is the brilliant careers and education support, solid friendships built and broad enrichment programme”.

Daniel Sunata, St Francis de Salles Primary School and St Thomas More Secondary School

Daniel joined Bishop Douglass Sixth Form from St Thomas More Secondary School, to study Economics, Business Studies Level 3 and IT Level 3. Now reading Economics and Politics at his first-choice university Birmingham, with ambitions to gain a Masters and career aspirations of becoming a politician, Daniel is well placed to do so, with the Head Boy position only further enhancing his already stellar applications.

“I chose to join Bishop Douglass Sixth Form as an external student because I had heard great things about the strength of the community, and the quality of teaching. For me, the decision was confirmed when I visited the Sixth Form for an open event, and I was approached and spoken to as a valued adult and experienced the warm and welcoming community.

The highlight of my Sixth Form experience was the Wider Horizons week, and the wealth of opportunities I have experienced: work experience, hosting open events, developing my confidence and social skills, visiting universities, gaining transferable skills and becoming Head Boy, all of which will help me in achieving a prosperous and successful future. I will really miss the Sixth Form and recommend it to absolutely everyone – the incredible teachers, opportunities, experiences and support linked to careers and UCAS are truly outstanding”.

Luliana, Sixth Form Graduate 

“I wanted to be Head Girl as I really enjoy a challenge; I wanted to test my abilities, learn new skills and be pushed out of my comfort zone. Being in the role has helped me to improve my organisational skills, as I learnt how to time manage my school and role responsibilities, whilst further developing and practising my communication and leadership skills. The highlight of the whole experience was seeing my idea of a Wellbeing Room flourish into a reality. Mental health is incredibly important to me, so knowing that I have introduced a safe space into the school is definitely a great accomplishment I pride myself on”.

Anthony, Sixth Form Graduate

Anthony wanted to become Head Boy to give back to the school community and inspire other students. Citing Bishop Douglass as having created a pathway for him towards a bright future and as integral to his growth and personal development, he wanted to show others that they can achieve this too - by being a fantastic role model for younger year groups and acting as a voice for his peers, bridging the gap between students and teachers.

Being approachable, willing, a role model and sociable are all key attributes required for the role of Head Boy in Anthony’s opinion. From hosting assemblies and school tours, being courageous and rising to challenges and being able to articulate his thoughts – he firmly believes the skills he gained within the role will set him in good stead for the future.

Being Head Boy was a great honour and belonging to Bishop Douglass is something I am incredibly proud of. Our school and Sixth Form is one of a kind, everyone throughout the school respects one another, is proud of one another and strives for excellence – an embodiment of the values Bishop Douglass represents. I hope that whilst I was in the role of Head Boy, I inspired younger generations of our school to pursue their greatest aspirations, and prove to them that with perseverance, determination and hard work, anyone can achieve their dreams”.

Philip Rai

“The teachers at Bishop Douglass are incredibly supportive, and a strength of the Sixth Form. They are professionals, knowledgeable and inspiring, with great belief in all their students. There is a shared sense of care towards one another and the community, everyone looks out for one another, shares in each other’s successes and offers support when needed. I am planning to move to Japan after I graduate university and intend to study Japanese and Economics at SOAS”.

Pascal Chanda

Pascal chose to attend Bishop Douglass Sixth Form, after it was recommended to him by older siblings who had previously attended. His achievements include ABC in Theology, English and History and are a testament to his hard work and determination. He looks forward to her next adventure: studying Law at City, University of London.

“The entire school community are incredibly supportive; it is truly tight-knit and the relationships between staff and students are fantastic. I believe the positive relationships I formed across the Sixth Form enabled my success, as I had a strong network of support and guidance, and incredibly thoughtful teachers who adapted teaching styles to suit how I best learnt”.

Alireza Shanivar

“Bishop Douglass Sixth Form is an amazing place to learn. Teachers are passionate about delivering exciting and engaging lessons and are willing to go above and beyond to offer extra support at every opportunity. Without the ongoing support and guidance from my teachers with my studies, personal challenges and transition into adulthood, I wouldn’t be celebrating three Distinctions and accepting a place at my first-choice university”.

Ybette Hope Ynion

Ybette looks forward to an incredible future, having achieved three Distinction*s in Applied Science, Business Studies and Health and Social Care and has accepted an offer from Brunel University to study Accounting and Business Management. Over the last two years, Ybette has been on a fantastic journey. She joined Bishop Douglass from a different country credits the teachers and school community for their array of support methods and guidance to help her adjust, not only academically, but personally and emotionally too.

“Studying at Bishop Douglass has been an incredible experience. Whilst here, I have been able to reach my potential and not only this, but the Sixth Form should pride itself on its offer of academic excellence, character development and its ability to provide skills that will be invaluable in the future. I am really pleased with my results. Whilst it has been hard work, especially over the last two years, I am very happy it has all paid off”.

Dave Manuel

Not only did Dave celebrate attaining an incredible A*AA in Chemistry, Physics and Maths, but he also celebrates receiving the Certificate of Achievement in Chemistry and Physics too. Next year, he will be embarking on an Automotive Engineering Master’s degree with placement year at Loughborough University, where the placement year will provide the groundwork for his career in the automotive industry.

“The standards of teaching at Bishop Douglass Sixth Form are incredible, teachers provide endless resources through the crucial exam periods, and the friendly community environment encourages students to strive towards their definition of excellence”.

Rishabh Tiwari

Celebrating an impressive set of results including A grades across the board in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, Rishabh looks forward to continuing on his academic journey, with plans of attending University followed by a Master’s degree.

“One of the factors at Bishop Douglass which I found to be key to my success was the learning environment. It encouraged independence, whilst nurtured us as individuals, challenged us when we needed, but still supported me at every stage of my journey. The experience was unrivalled, Bishop Douglass really is like no other”.

Monde Muchemwa

“There is no greater support or sense of care than that offered by the teachers at Bishop Douglass. They have everyone’s best interests at heart, they have been incredibly supportive and guided me over the last two years with encouragement and pride. Not only do they care for our wellbeing, but they are subject specialists, with impressive subject knowledge which they share with students, inspiring us and making every single lesson exciting, dynamic and delivering it with passion”.

Arber Malaj

“The greatest lesson Bishop Douglass Sixth Form has taught me is that there are no barriers when it comes to achieving your goals. During my two years at the Sixth Form, I was encouraged to work hard, be resilient and believe in myself, and as a result I am now celebrating Distinction*, A* and B grades in Health and Social Care, Sociology and History, alongside accepting my place at UCL. I plan to read Education Studies with ambitions to train as a teacher, because I have been inspired by my own and want to inspire future generations”.

Regienne Ganalon

When asked if she would recommend Bishop Douglass Sixth Form, Regienne praised both the teachers and standard of teaching, which pushes everyone to achieve beyond their limits and capabilities. In addition, she speaks highly of the unconditional support, in terms of both academic and wellbeing. Now studying Physics with Theoretical Physics at the University of Bath, we look forward to welcoming her back to our thriving alumni group, to share her insights on life at university with the next generation of Bishop Douglass Sixth Formers.

Derrick Chukwura

Derrick secured an incredible B and two Distinction grades and is excited to be joining Bournemouth University to study Game Design. He describes his time at Bishop Douglass as “the best and most supportive journey possible, and so much greater than I thought secondary school and Sixth Form would have been. I have managed to achieve my dream of attending a university to study the field that I am most passionate about. The teachers have been outstanding, they do everything in their power to help you to get to where you want to be”.

Sofia D’Onghia

“Over the last seven years at Bishop Douglass, I have been supported through many milestones – learning the English language, studying my GCSEs and celebrating my A Level results, of A*AABB in Italian, English Literature, the EPQ, History and Sociology. My career goals are to become an Archaeologist, and my fantastic results enabled me to start the process of achieving this, as I am now studying Archaeology and Ancient History at university. I am so appreciative of the school and Sixth Form, for instilling in me the mindset of a hardworking and resilient young adult, which helped me achieve the success I am celebrating!”

Kehinde Ajao

Now reading Social Anthropology with Law at the London School of Economics, Kehinde left Bishop Douglass with an incredible set of results and leaving behind his legacy of hard work and dedication.

Having achieved A*AAAB in English Literature, Geography, Economics, RE and the EPQ, Kehinde plans to train as a solicitor, and in the future run his own firm. Crediting his teachers endless support, he commented that staff at the Sixth Form go above and beyond to help students understand course content and provide additional materials and resources to support learning at home.

“I took advantage of every opportunity offered to me – from extra interventions and exam papers to mentoring enrichment trips. I have achieved more than I ever thought possible and made memories to last a lifetime!”

Taiye Ajao

“The ethos of the Sixth Form helped me develop as a disciplined and focused young adult, alongside so many other attributes and skills which I will carry forward when I am studying at Queen Mary’s University. I am so proud of my achievements – AAAC in History, English, Media and Business Studies. I would advise students beginning their A Level journey to work hard, focus, take on board the advice offered by teachers, and take advantage of all the opportunities!”

Riyaz Hussain

Riyaz secured an incredible AAAB in Economics, Chemistry, Maths and the EPQ, and proudly accepted his place at the University of Birmingham. Citing teacher support and encouragement as the motivation to achieve his outstanding results, Riyaz commented: the teachers provided me with invaluable support, tailored advice and helped me to realise my full potential and provided me with so many opportunities to boost my application and help set me apart from the crowd”.

Sebastian Burrows-Davila

Sebastian leaves Bishop Douglass with ambitious plans for the future, and an impressive portfolio of academic results to support his aspirations. Having attained 4 A* grades in History, Chemistry, Mathematics and the EPQ, he now intends to read History at Magdalene College, Cambridge University.

“I would recommend Bishop Douglass Sixth Form to those willing to work hard and dedicated to achieving their goals. The Sixth Form instils in you a strong work ethic, with teachers who care deeply about the wellbeing of students, incredible UCAS support and pastoral care, alongside access to a range of super curricular activities to develop subject knowledge and awareness of the future. I went to many Oxbridge universities and workshops, benefitted from high quality teaching and found that the challenging academic environment empowered me to always try my hardest”.

Sadaf Walizada

Sadaf was elated to discover she had achieved three Distinction* grades in Business Science, Applied Science and Health and Social Care, and accepted a place at her first-choice university, where she will read Pharmacology.

“I have received a tremendous amount of support from my subject teachers. They have always pushed me to achieve my very best, and I am so proud that I was able to celebrate attaining that, at the end of my Sixth Form experience. I would advise students approaching their A Levels to always challenge yourself and take on board advice and take advantage of additional resources offered by your teachers – they want you to reach your potential and achieve your dreams”.