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Meet our Sixth Formers

Manahwee, Bishop Douglass School and Leopold Primary School Alumni

Studying Biology, Chemistry and Health and Social Care, Manahwee has ambitions to work abroad, and is applying to universities in Canada. Wanderlust, she looks forward to travelling to country and experiencing a new culture, to build on her existing capital and gain a fresh perspective of the world.

 “Come to the Sixth Form at Bishop Douglass, that’s what I tell everyone. There is so much support on offer, but perfectly blended by challenge in the form of the curriculum and lesson delivery, to ensure every day you continue to learn and grow. The transition into Sixth Form was smooth, the welcoming community at the School was mirrored here, but mixed with independence, the best of both worlds.

 I decided to attend the Sixth Form as the wide breadth of courses really appealed to me, I knew I could achieve my careers aspirations here, and I was right. I have been on so many trips for each of my subjects which has helped me to gain real life experiences relevant to the course, support with personal statement and UCAS, meetings to track my progress and identify goals, strengths and areas for improvement, study sessions, mentoring, tutoring and so much more. I couldn’t thank my teachers enough”.

Kyrique, Bishop Douglass School and St John and St James Primary School Alumni

With ambitions to read Economics at the University of London, Kyrique is fast track on the right path to achieve his goals. Studying Economics, Maths and English at Sixth Form has opened his eyes to the world of Economics and Finance and the abundance of career pathways which are his for the taking, whilst the additional opportunities have broadened his horizons to see that anything is possible.

 A member of the Zero Gravity programme, Kyrique has benefited from his own mentor, perfectly matched to complement his course and ambitions, to offer support with studies, the provision of resources, advice with how to stand out from the crowd and opportunities to improve his portfolio of skills. In addition, alongside his peers, he has embarked on work experience, guest speaker events delivered by Oxbridge University lecturers and alumni, trips linked to course content and participation in a wealth of clubs, which provide the perfect R&R to complement his academic studies.

 “Attending the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form was the best decision I have made. I had already established strong working relationships with my teacher, understand the expectations and values and know my teachers understand how I learn best – it seemed obvious to reap these benefits and repeat my success here. Our class sizes are small, which allows us to receive the right balance of challenge and support and teaching standards are strong. Teachers are approachable and communicative, always striving to help us achieve our aspirations and equipping us with the resources we need, from past papers and interventions to emotional support and encouraging positive wellbeing. If only Bishop Douglass had its own university!”

 Toby, Bishop Douglass School and Sacred Heart Primary School Alumni

“I plan to study Law, or History with a Law Conversation at University, and am currently studying History, Politics and Business Studies which I believe will provide me with a good background knowledge ahead of my degree. Teachers here have many years of experience matching students to the right course and giving careers advice, which is not only evident in our impressive alumni, but the efforts that they go to, to support us through interventions on weekdays and evenings to help us achieve our goals – nothing is ever too much.

 I would encourage all pupils thinking about the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form to go for it – this is a seven-year journey, filled with inspiration, fun, passion and celebration. The environment is positive, sense of care extends beyond academia and that we develop as well-rounded young adults. There have been so many highlights for me throughout my first year at Sixth Form, especially the trips, conferences and workshops linked to my subjects, which have provided experiences relevant to our future applications and an interesting context to learning”.

 Lola, Bishop Douglass School and Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School Alumni

“In my first year of Sixth Form, I have benefited from so many experiences, opportunities and lessons that will be integral for my future. My teachers have helped me to secure work experience at a publishing house which will provide me with a direct insight into my future career, whilst resources, support and guidance will help me get into my chosen university and course – English Literature at Liverpool University.

 The Sixth Form is the perfect bridge between school and adulthood. Teachers have great experience in their field, known as subject specialists. They are on hand to support whilst instilling independence, and courses are enhanced by extra-curricular opportunities. The sheer number of trips for each subject are amazing, I have already gone to museums, conferences and university visits!

 I have also taken on the role of Prefect, having the responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the Sixth Form, being a voice for my peers, helping with extra-curricular events and opportunities – all of which has helped to embed new transferable skills and confidence that I will carry forward and help me to succeed”. 

 Oana, Bishop Douglass School and Dulwich Junior School Alumni

Applying to University of London to study Law and with impressive predicted grades in English Literature, Economics and Geography, the future is bright for Oana.

 “If you are looking for a supportive community, which inspires independence, opportunities to boost your CV and applications and guidance on to your chosen pathway, then this is the place for you, and its why I applied to come here. I was confident that the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form team would be the perfect network to help me during this pivotal time of my education, and I was right. Our Head of Year is incredible, providing resources and information, work experience, UCAS and personal statement guidance and university open day trips, whilst a range of enrichment opportunities to develop my cultural capital, including listening to Year 7s read, embarking on fieldtrips, residentials, interventions and so much more.

 Henry, Bishop Douglass School Alumni

Henry left Bishop Douglass in Year 11 to embark on a new adventure at a different Sixth Form, however soon returned in Year 12, to study Geography, Economics and Product Design and plans to read Economics at Loughborough.

 “I was looking for a change, for something different. However, I didn’t realise that I could have that at Sixth Form, whilst retain the many benefits I had got so accustomed to – the sense of community, opportunities to succeed, lifelong friends and memories. Returning for Sixth Form was the best decision I made; the Sixth Form has structure, and fosters a positive work ethic, provide us with the knowledge, skills and experiences we need, keeping our goals at the forefront of our minds. I can’t wait to come back as alumni and tell all younger students about why I came back, and why they should stay”. 

 Agrin, Bishop Douglass School Alumni

Agrin joined Bishop Douglass in Year 10, when she moved to England from Iran. Now studying Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths, this ambitious young adult has her sights set high, with plans to read Chemical Engineering at Cambridge University.

 “I really valued the experience I had whilst doing my GCSEs here, and after joining at a pivotal stage in my educational career, I knew that this would be a smooth journey to success. Here, the teachers are the greatest strength. Organising trips and visits, Oxbridge opportunities and support to help us achieve our ambitions. High quality teaching and learning is the norm, lessons are engaging, there is a positive learning environment, a broad student experience, an emphasis on careers and being future ready, and a real sense of care from staff. What more could you need?”

 Shizelle, Bishop Douglass School and St Ignatius Primary School Alumni

For Shizelle, attending the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form was a fresh start. She had laid the ground work for success during her school years and GCSEs in the main school, and now was able to look forward to the future with new perspective, having selected English Literature, History and Business Studies to study as they perfectly complemented her next goal: to read Law at Queen Marys University.

“I have a clear goal in sight, and that is chosen university and course. Working hard towards a goal, and knowing that the people and environment around you is designed to support you reaching your chosen outcomes is an incredibly motivating and rewarding feeling. I wanted to attend the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form as I was accustomed to the school and how it works, I know that teaching and learning is bespoke to all, that there is a strong support system in place, and that teachers know me as an individual.

 The Sixth Form has surpassed my expectations; Teachers encourage independence and the development of transferable skills. The courses on offer are broad, and the style of the syllabus is helping me to prepare for university style learning. Work experience has opened my eyes to law sector and I have discovered what I want to do. I am developing speaking and writing skills, utilising sources in my work and taking advantage of a broad menu of trips and enrichment experiences. It is the best of both worlds, independence and freedom”.

 Donya, Bishop Douglass School Alumni

“The Bishop Douglass Sixth Form community is diverse, inclusive and fantastic. There is always something new to learn, everyone is respectful and kind, and there is so much room to grow as an individual. I always knew I wanted to attend our school Sixth Form, as it was recommended to me – but based on my experience at school alone, I knew it was the perfect fit. I had seen the track record of results, impressive alumni and the percentage of students embarking on their chosen pathways.

Currently I am studying Maths, Economics and Psychology, and would like to enter the Financial Services sector via a degree in Economics. I have recently engaged in the Springboard Programme, which was shown to me by our Head of Year, who encouraged my application and I was successful. This will be integral to my future as I have gained insightful lessons and valuable experience in different companies, whilst learning new skills which I will benefit from at university, including public speaking, critical analysis and presentation delivery”.