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Excellent news about our recent Ofsted inspection.

Bishop Douglass to be re-inspected soon under section 5.

In January 2018, Ofsted changed the framework for inspecting schools. An inspection for previously designated ‘Good’ schools now consists of a team of inspectors for a one day visit (Section 8 Visit). The Ofsted team use the day to gather evidence, validate judgements, view teaching and learning and observe the culture of the school; the outcome being to determine whether the school is one of the below statements.

* has shown marked improvement towards an outstanding judgement

* remains ‘good’ and provides a good standard of education

* has potential concerns about either the quality of education or leadership and management.

For some schools the change in procedure was welcome, however, for Bishop Douglass this was extremely disappointing as we had written to Ofsted several times requesting a Section 5 Inspection (a two day visit which allows the school judgment to be changed to outstanding). Unfortunately the new framework stipulates ‘Good’ schools have to have a short – one-day Section 8 inspection - first!

I am very pleased to let you know that Bishop Douglass has been given the best possible result that Ofsted can award under current circumstances and our report notes:

‘the school has demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement.’

‘The headteacher, senior team, staff and governors provide a nurturing yet challenging environment which allows all pupils to thrive.’

‘The core curriculum is complemented by a broad range of subjects, allowing pupils to study subjects which they enjoy and value.’

‘Leaders of religious studies have given careful consideration to teaching methods and the way pupil’s knowledge and skills are built up over time.’

‘Pupils are polite, diligent and display a work ethic which shows how highly they value their education.’

The team that visited on Tuesday 13th November were impressed with what they saw and went into great detail at the end of the inspection and have recommended a Section 5 Inspection so that we can hopefully receive the Outstanding judgment that Bishop Douglass community truly deserve! 

I would like to extend my thanks to parents and carers for their continued support and faith  in Bishop Douglass. We heard from the inspector that parents' comments were whole heartedly supportive and demonstrate our strong mutual partnership.

I also need to extend my deepest gratitude to every staff member whose commitment and dedication to your children is unwavering. We will continue to strive for excellence for your children and await Ofsted’s return!

Martin Tissot