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Bishop Douglass placed 1st in Barnet and 7th in England for progress at Key Stage 4 (Summer 2019 examinations)

The Governors and Staff at Bishop Douglass School were celebrating at the confirmatory news that Bishop Douglass School were in the top 10 schools in the country for Progress in last years GCSEs.  The school’s score of 1.39 means that on average last year’s GCSE students averaged more than a grade higher than typical students.

Mr Tissot, headteacher said, “results over the past few years have been getting stronger and stronger.  We are lucky to have extraordinarily dedicated staff who go above and beyond to support students”. 

The new Head of School, Mrs Henderson said, “we are a very well ordered, well-disciplined school and we support our students pastorally and work in partnership with them and their parents.  We have a strong community feel, where everyone is valued”.

Mr Veal, Chair of Governors added, “ that in addition to our academic success, Bishop Douglass School aims to develop the whole child and we give opportunities for every student to enjoy drama, music and a range of sports and we support school trips, giving our students a rounded education”.