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Just before lockdown, year 7 were learning all about how the Normans made their impact in England following their victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

One of the ways the Normans did this was by building lots of Motte and Bailey castles. Year 7 learned about all of the different features of the castle, and were asked to have a go at creating their own. They had 2 weeks to get it done…then came lockdown! Wiktoria Stasiak in 7Fisher (now 8F) took this extra time as a wonderful opportunity to turn this homework into a creative project. She used her class notes and the internet to research the elements. She used individual matchsticks of different sizes to create the wall, the steps, the houses, a barn, a siege tower and even a working drawbridge. She attached them together individually with Mum’s supervision of the hot glue gun! Wiktoria’s teacher Madame Lewinton was shocked and thrilled by the amount of care and effort which went into this piece. This was evident by the moving siege tower and working drawbridge; the accuracy of the design was exemplary. What a fantastically productive lockdown Wiktoria had and a huge congratulations for an astronomical effort in her History studies!