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The gift of inspiration ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

We are always delighted when former recent students and alumni return to Bishop Douglass and share their experiences and provide wise words to our young people to inspire and motivate them to explore and find their future education and career pathways. Our two most recent visitors were from Dayna, a final year student medic and Wilfred, an architect and lecturer. Thank you so much for your sharing your journeys and inspirational stories.

Dayna Issac, a 5th year student medic, took a day out of her busy schedule (in the middle of finals no less!) and ran a drop-in session for potential Year 12 & 13 medics. She was able to use her wisdom and expertise to really guide and advise our would-be medics in Year 13 who felt buoyed up by her advice and encouragement.

Dayna also visited Mrs Chaganti’s AS Biology lesson where she was able to explain the trajectory of medical training and the various pathways that students can take. There was a huge amount of interest and engagement from students and Dayna has offered to run practice interview sessions for would-be medics in the future. A huge thank you from us all!

We were delighted to welcome former student and alumni, Wilfred Achille, to Bishop Douglass who shared stories of his time here and explained how he became an architect. This is a career that demands a huge level of commitment and dedication involving five years studying at university and a further two years’ practical experience. Wilfred also works on community projects in the North London area and lectures at the University of Westminster. Our students were in awe with many expressing an interest in this fascinating career – thank you Wilfred for sparking interest amongst our students and your infectious enthusiasm.