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Lord Young Visit

In recent weeks, it has been incredibly busy for UK Politics both nationally and at Bishop Douglass.

30 students were lucky enough to be selected to explore their citizenship and learn about how the UK political system and Parliament works, because on Friday 10th June we were delighted to host Lord Young of Norwood Green to school. Lord Young delivered an introduction to the House of Lords and then answered questions from interested students to all of Year 10, 6th Form Politics students, and a selection of interested students from Year 7 -10. This included our two competition winners for the ‘If I were a Politician for a Day’ writing competition.

Winners were Miu-Sei and Amirali, both in 7Campion. The students involved has prepared brilliantly well, googling our guest in advance, and planning appropriate but searching and insightful questions. They questioned Lord Young on various topics including cost-of-living, his career and experience, Partygate, Russia-Ukraine, future careers and even how much you earn as a Lord. They also learned how to become a Lord, so perhaps we have some future peers among us.

Lord Young spoke at length on a number of topics, was enthusiastic about the Lords and opportunities for youth and spoke very highly of his visit here. His main advice was 2 key things: students must become critical consumers of the news and information that they read – especially with the advent of social media, and that reading for pleasure is absolutely vital to enjoyment of life. Well done to the students involved for representing school so brilliantly.