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Ramblings from the Chaplain’s Desk


Thoughts run through my head: the music of CSI “Who are you?” rings in my ears. Who am I? Good question. I am the result of much work and much love. I come from a large Irish/Scottish background as you can probably all tell form my accent!  I have five sisters and one brother: seven nieces and nephews and three great-nephews and one great-niece. So, I’m older than this school but younger than others. 
I always wanted to be a missionary priest. The role of the Lone Ranger and Robin Hood were already taken but the desire to “do good by helping others” was in my DNA! Hence my love for CSI!

I was ordained a priest after studies in Scotland (Coatbridge and Glasgow mainly), Italy (Parma) and finally completing my degree at the Missionary Institute in Mill Hill and was ordained in 1979 at my home parish of St. Therese, in Newarthill, Motherwell.  I spent my first five years in Coatbridge as Vocations Director, three years in Chicago in Formation and Ministry before reaching my main goal as Missionary in Sierra Leone on the West Coast of Africa. 

Lots of other experiences in hospital and hospice work when I returned from Africa and I have been in London since 2006 taking up a permanent post here at Bishop Douglass School the following year! I only came in a couple of times to celebrate mass as my colleague couldn’t manage!  I was “detained” by the then Head and have been a permanent fixture ever since!

As Chaplain I shepherd the sheep where they need to be lead. We have many celebrations and services most, if not all, are student “prepared” and prayed!  My role is leading and guiding and helping out when and where necessary. The Chaplaincy is in the RE Corridor in the Sixth Form Area. As Chaplain I like to think of myself like Mr. Arkwright – as we are “open all hours” – we never close.

We have had our moments of sadness and grief and loss and my role is to help and comfort and see through those moments.   If the door is closed the ears are always open and folk know where to find me or how to get in touch.  All the staff at BD are able and willing to help when the need arises. So if you have an issue; if you have a problem come and see us.  Just know that if and when you might just need an ear – we are here for you….

Every blessing to you and yours.

Fr. Kevin Ryan S.X
TEL: 0208  815 5057 (d.l.)
07711 334470