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GCSE Star Performers

Ilea, a former pupil of Salisbury Primary School, is celebrating exceptional results including 9999999998D2 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, English Language and Literature, Drama, RE, History, French and Sports. With plans to return to the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form, he commented:

“The teachers at Bishop Douglass go above and beyond – they are always willing to provide the time and resources needed to help you succeed, including revision sessions and extra materials to support learning at home. Always take up on the opportunities offered, they are incredibly worthwhile.”

Chukwuemeka, a former Wessex Gardens pupil, has ambitions of becoming a Financial Analyst and is well placed to achieve his dreams as he attained impressive grades of 999988888D27 in Chemistry, Maths, Geography, RE, Spanish, Biology, Media Studies, English Literature and Language, Sport and Physics. He looks forward to returning to the Sixth Form in September, to study Chemistry, Maths and Economics. Of his experience with us, he commented:

“All members of staff care about each student as an individual, taking into account our capabilities and needs, and this nurturing approach and environment has really contributed to my success. I have been given a lot of guidance and support as to how to reach my goal of becoming a Financial Analyst, and I am glad that I have made the first steps to achieve this.”

Estefania achieved 9999888887 in Chemistry, History, Maths, Spanish, English Literature and Language, Art, Physics, Biology and Drama. We look forward to welcoming her back to the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form in September, before embarking on a degree in Chemistry at university.

“Whilst studying for my GCSEs, my teachers have built my confidence and I am grateful for all their advice and guidance. They have provided me with the work ethic and discipline to succeed, which I will carry forward when in Sixth Form and later in life.”

St Marys Primary School alumni Iona is thrilled with her achievements of 999877777 in Music, Maths, Triple Science, Spanish, Geography, English Literature and Language. With future ambitions of attending university to read Meteorology, she credits her supportive teachers in enabling her to achieve her successes. 

"My whole experience over the last few years at Bishop Douglass has been incredible. Teachers have been inspiring, making our chosen subject lessons so interesting and finding a passion in you and helping to develop it through experiences and opportunities outside the classroom and in all the different clubs. I am really looking forward to continue studying at the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form.” 

Gabriella (Our Lady of Grace) has secured an impressive 8877777777 in Maths, RE, English literature and Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Drama and French. She praises the ongoing support and experiences offered by the school, which attributes to her success.

"My advice to younger students would be to take advantage of every opportunity the school throws at you. Whether it’s a career talk or trip to visit a university or making use of ongoing support and resources or additional revision classes, everything is put in place to help you succeed and achieve the goals you have set yourself. My whole learning experience felt very personalised to me and my needs, and that’s a result of our teachers who went above and beyond –nothing was ever too much trouble.”

Victoria (Our Lady of Grace) celebrates outstanding results of 999998888 in Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, French, English Literature and Language, RE, History and Drama. With plans to attend university to study Criminal Psychology and a career in police forensics, we are incredibly proud of her achievements today.

“Bishop Douglass has helped me to achieve my goals by providing me with a lot of resources, such as study materials, support, revision sessions and more. Teachers know us all really well and so know how we learn best, which meant we all were able to take advantage of a personalised revision programme which suited us individually. I would like to thank all of my teachers for their never-ending sense of care and support at every stage of my GCSEs.”

With 999999888 under her belt, Malgorzata, St Margaret Clitherow alumni looks forward to studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at college, before progressing to an Oxbridge university to study Medicine. Crediting her teachers for their support, she commented: 

“The teachers at Bishop Douglass have empowered me to set my goals high, to strive to achieve what I thought was only possible in my wildest dreams! But with their encouragement and support, I felt confident to pursue them. My advice to Bishop Douglass students embarking on their GCSEs would be to take on board all the advice from staff -they have your best interests at heart and are dedicated to preparing you not only for your GCSEs, but the next steps too.”

Former Tudor Primary School pupil Iuliana achieved fantastic results across the board including: 9998888777M2 in Media Studies, English Language, French, English Literature, Maths, Geography, Double Science, Drama and RE. Iuliana is an ambitious and driven student, with aspirations to repeat her successes at the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form before embarking on a career in marketing.

“This year has been incredibly difficult with remote learning and school closures minimising our face-to-face contact with teachers and the opportunities to engage in group revision. Despite this, I still received the highest standard of teaching, endless opportunities to engage 1:1 with teachers and a lot of support.”

Toni Rose (St Mary’s Priory School) is an active member of the Bishop Douglass school community, holding the title of School Prefect and Council Representative. Celebrating impressive grades of 99888777 in Music, English Literature, English Language, Geography, Drama, French, RE and Combined Science. She commented:

I am so grateful to the school and my teachers for offering a personalised learning experience. From teaching us how to revise effectively, providing creative outlets in the enrichment clubs and evening study classes, the efforts of my teachers have enabled my success. I look forward to returning to Bishop Douglass for Sixth Form in September and progressing on to a top university where I will study law and work for a Magic Circle Firm.”

With ambitions to attend Kings College London in the future, Aruk (Bell Lane Primary School) has laid the foundations for her success at Bishop Douglass. Securing fantastic results of 999999887M2 in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, History, RE, Drama, Physics, Art and Sport, she advises all younger students to always try your best – and listen to teachers’ advice!

“The teachers build a strong relationship with each student which leaves a long lasting positive impact. The advice I would give to future students would be to revise efficiently, work hard and stay composed.”

Tara joined Bishop Douglass in Year 7 from Tudor School and has achieved outstanding success whilst with us. She has attained 9998888887 in Combined Science, Maths, English Language and Literature, Business, RE, History, Drama and Spanish. She looks forward to returning to Bishop Douglass in September to study Maths, Biology and Chemistry and to go on to study Medicine at university.

“Bishop Douglass has been integral to my success - supporting me in my studies, always keeping me motivated, encouraging me to revise and teaching me the best techniques and styles of learning. I would recommend the school to anyone who wants to succeed and develop into an independent and confident adult.”