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Hear from Our Students

We took the time to catch up with some of our students and Sixth Form students, to find out more about their experience at Bishop Douglass. 

Marc, Year 7 and St Vincent’s Primary School Alumni

“Starting secondary school has been a really exciting experience. I love to be challenged (which is probably why Maths is my favourite subject!) and starting secondary school is all about challenging yourself to try new things and become more independent. The biggest change for me was having different teachers and visiting different classrooms for each lesson, but this has been my favourite part too – having different learning styles and different approaches to teaching has made all lessons interesting and exciting.

Not only that, but there have been lots of clubs to join such as football, netball and basketball – I was made Captain of the football team, just like in primary school, and that was definitely a highlight for me. I am looking forward to taking part in Wider Horizons week later in the year, which is all around developing our cultural capital and getting students to experience new things”.

Alex, Year 7 and Bellingham Primary School Alumni

“The greatest thing about Bishop Douglass is the amount of clubs and extra-curricular activities on offer. Every sport you can imagine – we do it. After-school, in PE or competing in competitions against other schools in Barnet and across London, the clubs have been a brilliant way to meet new people from the whole school, who share the same passions as you, and discover new hobbies too!

Although I was nervous about starting secondary school, Bishop Douglass made a great effort to help us settle in. Whilst I was in Year 6, I visited the school for tours, I attended Summer School and on the first day, it was just Year 7s in school. Summer School was a great way to prepare for secondary school, as I made new friends and met my teachers, and on the first day we had the chance to get to know our way around the school. I am so happy I made the choice to come to Bishop Douglass, and I can’t wait for Sports Day and athletic competitions coming up in the summer term!”

Demi, Year 7, St Robert’s Primary School Alumni

“I really enjoyed Summer School, which was held at Bishop Douglass to help students settle in before we joined in September. We got to experience some of the subjects including music and art and began to build friendships with my new classmates and meet my teachers before starting in September. Because of this, I felt settled and ready to start secondary school in September.

It has been a big jump from primary to secondary school, but a fun one at that! I have made lots of new friends in my different classes, and there are lots of clubs and trips to take part in and look forward to. So far, my favourite subject is PE because I love to be active, especially with Martial Arts, that’s my passion”.

Rosa, Year 7, St Pauls CofE Primary School Alumni

“My favourite thing about secondary school is learning new things and experiencing new subjects – especially Drama and IT. Having new subjects taught by different teachers, being responsible for our learning materials and navigating our way round school has given me a sense of independence that I really enjoy. I love to come home and share with my family my EPraises, the rewards for examples of positive behaviour and good work.

This term, my favourite subject has been Drama, as I love the chance to be creative and express myself. There really is lots to look forward to here – this year I am excited to continue learning and grasping new subjects, and when I am older, I can’t wait to start the Duke of Edinburgh Award to explore new hobbies, try new things and put it on my CV and applications”.

Sofia, Year 9, St Joseph’s Primary School

St Joseph’s Primary alumni and Bishop Douglass Prefect Sofia has ambitions to go into the Psychology field and credits her teachers for their endless support and drive to help her exceed her potential and the provision of additional materials and resources, which allows Sofia to consistently improve, with her goals at the forefront of her mind.

“Although I really enjoy all of my subjects, English and RE are my two favourites, as they are both very engaging and interactive, allowing the opportunity for debate, to hear different perspectives and as a result, broaden my own thoughts. I have had many opportunities to broaden my horizons here, and not just limited to the classroom. This year I began the Duke of Edinburgh Award, as I wanted to learn new skills, and I know it would help me stand out with my CV and applications; through DofE, I have taken up new clubs at school including Chess and Gardening and discovered new talents I didn’t know I had”.

Josiah, Year 9, Ark Franklin Primary Academy

Josiah joined Bishop Douglass from Ark Franklin Academy, with a passion for the Sports and Science sectors and an ambition of pursuing a career in neurology. Josiah plans to continue his education at the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form, citing the nurturing environment, network of supportive peers and the rapport he has built with teachers, stating that the strong relationships built and teachers who understand his learning style will only go on to further support the achievement of his ambitions.

“I would tell all students at Bishop Douglass to seize every opportunity. Here, teachers are dedicated to supporting us achieve what we want to and helping us on to the pathway we choose. I feel passionate about Sports as my hobby and Science for my career – as a result I have taken part in after school clubs and competitions across the borough and London to further my love for Sports and taken part in the Brilliant Club and science clubs which have helped me to realise my ambitions and figure out what I need to do to get there.

I am also a Student Prefect, which means I am a voice for my peers and younger year groups, discussing with them their highlights and thoughts for improvement, effecting real change across the school”.

Ilea, Year 12

“The support I have received at the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form has been exceptional. From Saturday interventions to extra lessons, tips to promote positive mental wellbeing and how to keep on top of our studies, teachers across the school and Sixth Form truly go the extra mile to help us achieve our ambitions.

Recently, I took part in a public speaking competition, put forward by my Theology teacher to support my personal development and my CV. This action sums up Bishop Douglass – everyone goes above and beyond. I am studying Theology, Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry at Sixth Form, and hope to read Maths and Philosophy at Oxford, with a goal of going into academia and inspiring the next generation, just as my teachers have done”.  

Vivien, Year 12

“I knew that Bishop Douglass Sixth Form would be the right choice for me, because the standard of Student Support was second to none. I first came to the school in Year 8 with English as my second language, and the support and guidance I received was incredible. Over the years and most recently in Sixth Form, I have continued to grasp every opportunity offered and as a result have been accepted on the Access Project and K+ Programme and Kings College London, which has opened my eyes and offered extra tutorials and support, work experience placements, UCAS support and trips.

Currently I am studying English Literature, Product Design and Media Studies and I hope to read English Literature and Communication Culture at Kings College University London. I hope to work in the film industry, and I know that I am at the best place to help me achieve my ambition”.

Bahar, Year 13

“There was never any doubt for me that I would continue my studies at the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form. I had already established strong relationships with my teachers, who knew how I learnt best, my personality and the best way they could support me, and I knew that the quality of teaching and subject knowledge is outstanding.

To help me prepare for the next stage of my education, teachers have supplied resources including past papers and directed us towards experiences that would benefit us – I have accepted an offer to read Pharmacy at University College London and have volunteered at a pharmacy for two years, which I know set me apart from others and gave me a competitive edge.

I would recommend the Sixth Form to anyone who is seeking excellence: in support, a bespoke and 1:1 approach to teaching and learning, teachers who put in lots of time and effort and the highest standards across the board”.

Sebastian, Year 13

Sebastian has been at Bishop Douglass since Year 7 and is now in his final year in the Sixth Form, studying History, Chemistry and Maths. With an offer to read History at Cambridge University under his belt, Sebastian looks forward to returning to Bishop Douglass in the future, as part of our alumni network.

“I always wanted to attend the Bishop Douglass Sixth Form, because my experience in secondary school had always been outstanding. The teachers are great, the learning environment is positive, and the community is incredibly welcoming, so I knew the Sixth Form would be the best place for me to secure my goal of achieving a Cambridge offer.

My teachers have been incredibly helpful and supportive over not only the last two years – but all seven. They have empowered and encouraged me to achieve my A Level grades through additional support, materials and resources, alongside introducing me to the Access Project which provides Oxbridge support, arranging visits to universities and helping with exam preparation.

For anyone looking for a sixth form, I would recommend Bishop Douglass. There is a real culture of care and camaraderie, teachers are specialist in their field and knowledgeable about their subjects, we receive excellent UCAS, and Careers support and learning goes beyond the classroom, as our subjects are complemented by enrichment activities and trips”.

Khadijah, Year 8

“This year, I have been involved in the Brent Youth Council via the school, where young people meet to discuss issues in the Local Authority which are important to us, such as global warming and recycling. These issues are then passed along to Brent Council, and I am proud that my school and community gives young people a voice”.

Ahmed, Year 8

“The extra-curricular provision at Bishop Douglass is fantastic. This year, I participated in Debate Mate, where we competed against other schools around the topic of using Robots – and Bishop Douglass won as a result of our stronger argument. I found the event incredibly interesting and useful, and learnt key skills such as delivering a debate and how to approach ideas which will be beneficial in both school and in the future. I also really enjoyed Wider Horizons, which is a whole week dedicated to broadening our horizons and seeing more of the world and developing our cultural capital. I really enjoyed visiting the RAF museum and was fascinated to see how planes have developed over time, and how they were used in the Wars”.  

Sama, Year 8

“I was so excited and happy when I received an offer for Bishop Douglass, because when I visited for Open Evening, I knew it was the perfect school for me. I spoke to current students, and they told me all about the different clubs and new things I could do – I immediately signed up for Cooking Club and Debate Mate!

Although the idea of starting secondary school was nerve-wracking, that feeling soon disappeared. I was invited to the school during summer to take part in visits and activities, which was very supportive, and I found it easy to make friends”.

Tomas, Year 10

“Since joining Bishop Douglass on my very first day, I have been blown away by the kind, upbeat atmosphere at the school. I joined Bishop Douglass from another secondary school, and I was immediately welcomed with open arms, and felt that my life has turned around. The support from teachers is second to none, and lessons are always fun, engaging and interesting”.

Elizabeth, Year 10

“The teachers at Bishop Douglass are incredibly helpful and approachable. I always know who to talk to if I need help and feel safe and happy at school.

A big part of the student experience for me is the enrichment programme. I felt like a new door was opened for me when I discovered Music! The school encouraged me to take up violin to help pursue my dream of performing in an orchestra, which I now do. I also participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, involving a two-day expedition, volunteering at a local food bank, and trying out new skills, including gardening and football”.

Kyrique, Year 11

“Outside of school, my greatest passion is swimming. I belong to my borough team Haringey, and train 4 days a week to compete and represent out borough – most recently I won the gold place for the 50m race!

Bishop Douglass is incredibly supportive, not only of students in school, but of their passions and ambitions outside of the classroom. I use the gym at school to help improve my stamina, and the entire school community is incredibly supportive of my swimming career, encouraging me and celebrating with me. I hope to compete in the Olympics in the future”.

Iiliana, Year 12

“The highlights of my Bishop Douglass experience has to be a visit to Greece and Lisbon, where we explored historical sites, experienced new cultures and ventured to places I have never been to before. Another highlight was taking part in the Lord of the Flies school performance, it was an incredibly enriching experience and one where I got to explore my hobbies outside of the classroom.

Staying at Bishop Douglass for the Sixth Form was always the answer for me. I know that here, my teachers will continue to motivate, inspire and support me, and continue to go out of their way to help me achieve my goals”.