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Bishop Douglass Catholic School

Bishop Douglass Catholic School

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Religious Education

The Religious Education Department

We are a thriving, dynamic and successful department.  

Despite living in a secular age Religious Education remains popular and relevant to students. As a Catholic school, Religious Education is at the core of the curriculum and is compulsory for all. At the heart of the R.E. department's ethos is an emphasis on allowing pupils to build their own religious literacy: to be aware of the 'big questions' in life, to know how religion, especially the Catholic faith, answers these questions, pupils are invited to draw their own conclusions.

Key Stage 3 

Schemes of work in Key Stage 3 are planned and taught in line with the Catholic Curriculum Directory as set out by the Bishops of England and Wales. We endeavour to make the curriculum engaging, relevant and encourage pupils to be “the person that Christ wants them to be". We provide a rich and varied curriculum developing the whole person through topics such as community, prayer, sacraments, moral issues, philosophy and world religions. 

Pupils are given regular feedback on how to make progress. Pupils will also be given the opportunity to develop the necessary skills for GCSE success.

Key Stage 4 

All pupils follow the Catholic Christianity option in the Edexcel GCSE course. The full GCSE exam comprises of two papers (both worth 50% of the overall mark). Units include:

Year 10

  • Christian Beliefs and Values
  • Community and Tradition of the Catholic Church
  • Christian and Catholic Worship and Celebration
  • Leading the Christian Life

Year 11

  • Believing in God
  • Christian Beliefs about Life after Death
  • Christian Beliefs about Marriage and the Family
  • Christian Beliefs about Community Cohesion

Key Stage 5 

Religious Studies is the most successful department at Key Stage 5. Pupils are offered the option of AS and A2-Level, and is a fantastic course for improving analysis, argumentative skill, evaluation skills and communicating ideas through essay-writing. The course follows the Ethics and Philosophy of Religion options of the Edexcel course. 
All Sixth Form pupils also follow the NOCN Core R.E. program at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Enrichment Opportunities

The department gives pupils the opportunity to explore the Catholic faith through involvement in the liturgical life of the school. Whether at retreats, the November memorial services, and celebration of the Sacraments, pupils are constantly encouraged to explore the fundamental principles and subtle nuances of their faith through prayer and participation.
Learning trips and school visits have proved popular and a fantastic means to further pupils' learning and engagement with the subject. Pupils are given the opportunity to visit local places of worship, including the Synagogue and the Hindu temple as well as the Orthodox Church.
Pupils are given the opportunity to go on pilgrimage to Walsingham and the Eternal City, and heart of Catholicism, Rome. Bishop Douglass pupils have enjoyed the experience of a Papal Audience and special blessing from the Pope. Intervention is an integral part of the curriculum and R.E pupils can regularly be found in Saturday Schools and revision classes. 

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