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Pupils are expected to wear their uniform with pride and conform to the following:

Blazer:  French Navy with embroidered logo (from school suppliers).  Essential uniform item and must be worn at all times, including to and from school.

Jumper:  Pullover – French Navy V-necked – with embroidered logo.

Shirt:  White, long sleeved.  

Tie:  Gold strip.

Skirt:  Green Douglas Tartan kilt or Girls Trousers (from school suppliers).

Trousers:  Boys, Charcoal/Dark Grey or Black.  Girls, Black and embroidered with school initials as supplied by school supplier only.

Socks/tights:  White/grey/black socks  or white/navy thicker tights in winter.

Shoes:  Plain black leather only with low heels.  No suede, canvas, plimsolls, trainers, sports shoes or boots.  Laces and stitching must be black.

Hats:  Navy Blue or Black wool hats only are allowed outside.  These may be purchased at school.  No baseball caps, or other hats may be worn.

Scarf:  Plain Navy blue or black.

Coats:  plain, navy blue or black, with no patterns or motifs (not denim or leather).

Watch:  a watch may be worn.

Earrings:  one pair should be small gold or silver sleepers or studs.  The school cannot be held responsible for expensive items of jewellery being lost on the premises.  No visible piercings or tattoos.

Hair:  A neat and tidy natural hair style is an essential part of the uniform.  No shaved or patterned hair styles/or cut eyebrows.  Hair should not be coloured.  Hair bands/ribbons should be black or navy.


Bishop Douglass shorts:  Navy shadow stripe shorts embroidered with the school logo.
Bishop Douglass polo shirt:  white polo shirt embroidered with school logo.
Tracksuit top:  navy tracksuit top with white piping school logo.
Tracksuit bottoms:  navy with white piping.

You must always wear full school uniform at all times including to and from school.  

School uniform suppliers:

1103/05 Finchley Rd,
Temple Fortune,
London NW11 0QB

tel: 0208209 0999

Is there anything which you are not allowed to bring or wear to school?

Jewellery is not allowed, and cannot be worn whilst travelling to, from or at school.  Only wristwatches and one pair of stud earrings (small gold or silver) are permitted.  Jewellery and any other unauthorised items will be confiscated and returned at the end of each school term.

No make-up or nail varnish.  Streaked, dyed, lined or exaggerated hairstyles, as well as hair which is coloured, too long or too short, are not allowed.

Trainers are only permitted in the playground or for PE.

No mobile phones.  These can be stolen and they often cause trouble, with text messages being passed around.  Pupils leaving the school with mobile phones have been mugged.  We do not accept responsibility for any mobile phones.  Any that are found during the school day will be confiscated for SEVEN DAYS and kept in the school safe. A letter will be sent home, inviting parents to make an appointment to come to school to collect the phone.

No money in large amounts should be brought in.  It can be a temptation to steal.  The school cannot accept responsibility for any money that is lost or stolen.  In exceptional circumstances, our office staff are more than happy to look after large amounts of money during the day.

Chewing gum is not allowed in school.

No shaved or patterned eyebrows/piercings.

Tattoos (body art) are not allowed in school.