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Gaining Valuable Insights

Sir Martin Sorrell, a highly knowledgeable and experienced individual, shared insights with pupils at Bishop Douglass, regarding his educational pursuits at Harvard University and the invaluable experiences gained while establishing his company, s4capital. Bishop Douglass pupil Veronica shared her insights and thoughts on the experience...

Commencing as a £1 million company in 1985, Sorrell's astonishing leadership and strategic action propelled s4capital to become the president advertising and marketing services organization globally. Intrigued by his persona, I conducted research on the internet about the individual referred to as "Sir Martin Sorrell: advertising man who made the industry's biggest pitch" by The Guardian. Sorrell's influence on me has been significant as we share a common ground - both of us are/were pursuing economics at the A-levels and faced/facing challenges in the subject. I aspire to apply to universities in the United States, preferably a reputable one, although not as prestigious as Harvard. 
As a Year 13 student, Sorrell, the man, the myth, and the legend, imparted three valuable tips to survive in today's world - "learn code, learn Mandarin, and learn Spanish." While learning languages may pose a challenge, I have already taken the initiative to follow one of his suggestions and started learning code as I aspire to become a data scientist! It brings me great joy that Bishop Douglass was selected by Sir Martin Sorrel to disseminate this valuable information.