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Bishop Douglass Catholic School

Bishop Douglass Catholic School

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School Canteen

What is a cashless system? 

A cashless system is used for the payment of school meals, where no cash is taken at the point of sale. Each pupil using the system will be allocated an account, much like a bank account.

We have a biometric finger recognition system.  Each pupil, initially, has a fingerprint scanned.  This is turned into a number.  No register of fingerprints is kept and it is impossible to reconstitute a fingerprint from the numeric reference.

How is the System used to obtain a meal? 

At the till point is a dermal scanner.   When your child wishes to pay for the meal they simply place their thumb/finger on the scanner; this will bring up your child’s account.  A display will show the till operator your child’s photo, name, class and current cash balance held within the system.  The selected food items will be entered into the system from the touch screen till while the product values and the total balance will show on the display.    You must also make sure that your child has enough money in their account before trying to buy a meal from the canteen.

How is money entered into the system? 

a) By the Parent Pay system, either online or with a Pay Point card. If you did not receive your unique username and password for ParentPay, please email or contact us on the usual school telephone number and we will let you know the information you need.

b) By cash (notes/coins) into one of the two Revaluation Units located under the covered area outside the main hall.  The machines will accept 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins and £5, £10, £20 notes.

How does the Revaluation Unit work? 

Firstly your child places their thumb/finger on the scanner mounted on the Cash Unit. The system will identify your child and display their name and current cash balance held within the system.  

The second stage - coins/notes are inserted into the slot.  Each incremental cash balance will show on the display, simply press the green lit button to complete the transaction.

What if my child is entitled to Free School Meals? 

If your child is on free school meals they will have their Free School Meals (FSM) allowance credited to their account daily.  Please note that this entitles your child to spend up to a limited amount of money.   If they go over this limit they will need to have enough credit in their account to pay the difference or return some items.  Additional funds can be added to accounts.

How much money does my child need for lunch each day? 

The canteen provides a substantial meal at lunchtime for approximately £2.15 (the meal deal). Other items including items for sale before school and at break are priced individually.